Token ERC20 Bridging

In the following example, we will bridge Snake City ERC20 token (SNCT & TOC) from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network using Snake City Bridge.


  • Tokens can be bridged BACK & FORTH

  • $TOC received on Swimmer needs to be bridged to $TOC on C-chain if you want to trade $TOC 💸

  • Breeding feature from now on require $SNCT on Swimmer Network

  • In order to bridge Tokens from C-Chain to Swimmer, users need to prepare some AVAX & TUS token

Step 1: Go to the token bridge website:

Step 2: Connect using the Metamask wallet. Click on Switch Network if needed.

Step 3: First, select the origin and destination network. Currently, the only supported network(s) are Avalanche C-Chain and Swimmer Network

Step 4: Select the token to send and specify the token amount to bridge

Step 5: Click Bridge

Step 6: Click Confirm & then Approve on your wallet

Step 7: Review and confirm the permission to spend the token and then confirm the transaction

Step 8: Wait for the transaction to complete

When the transaction is complete, you can view transaction details by clicking on "Txn Hash"

You also can check the changed balance in the wallet.

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