👑Snake Lords

Aside from City Snakes, there are some special snakes created in the Laboratory through genetic modification process which the scientist called "Snake Lords".

Compared them to the City Snakes, the Snake Lords are way more powerful and bring a lot of benefits to the users:

  • Having 5 turns per day to play in the training mode.

  • There is no limit levels to play in the training mode.

  • Players could use the quick mode feature without any fees.

  • Having the highest battling stats.

  • Snake Lord's owner can create Guild, become the Guild leader and receive profit sharing in some game modes.

  • Snake Lord's owners will receive profit sharing from Snake City treasury (such as marketplace fee, tickets, events....).

However, Snake Lords could not use for breeding and fusion features. They are very limited collections and only be minted from the Snake City to protect the ecosystem economy at the wish of long-term development.

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