Snake City

Game Story

Welcome to the Snake City world!!!
The Game takes place in the future world where modern biotechnology is super developed with astonishing achievements and inventions in human history.
It all started from a lab in the jungle Amazon. Scientists had discovered a substance inside the snake’s brain which would be able to give human-like intelligence to the snake when combining that substance with a man-made substance. The intelligence and the size of the snake had developed at an unexpected speed which concerned the scientists. They had to come up with the decision to cancel the research and to kill all of the snakes as well as destroy all the samples because of the threatening risks.
The scientists had the fear for the world as those snakes could be a global threat if they were too smart to even take over the domination of the world. However, after an incident caused by a huge storm in the jungle, some of the snakes had escaped out of the lab. The scientists feared for their responsibilities therefore they had hidden this event and closed the lab. Each of them had gone to different places to go on with their lives and to keep carrying on their own research with the hope that there would be no incident regarding this event in the future.
Life is but a dream when those snakes went to different places around the world and there were many encounters between them and humans. Eventually these giant super intelligent snakes had taken over the domination and occupied most of the world. There are only around one million people left in the world and they live in small groups in isolated areas where the snakes don’t acknowledge about. Those scientists from the lab have gathered together to reactivate their lab inside the Amazon to find out the way to kill the snake after a long time running away from their mistakes because humans are on the edge of extinction. They successfully gathered a team with high-tech technologies which was able to create entities modeling giant snakes. The warriors would use special equipment to control the giant snake. Those warriors would play the role of giant snakes to join their metaverse but it is actually the real world where the world is occupied by the real snakes. This war initially was to retrieve the land which was occupied by the snakes. However the scientists later on had discovered that they could completely terminate the snakes by collecting Uranium, Botanium, Neganium, Motanium in those lands where those intelligent snakes with biggest size were living in the deep Atlantis Ocean, Sahara desert, Northern Europe jungles and mountains in Tibet.
Player joins the game as a warrior to fight in the wars against the snakes in metaverse to help humans take back the domination. These wars start in different places in which it requires players to have knowledge about the typical features of the place to have suitable fighting strategies. That is the only thing which can help humans regain their domination.