The idea behind tournament gameplay mode is simple: Each player buy a ticket and get one slot in the game. Most of the fee collected from participation will be used for rewarding the top 3 players in the ranking board. Therefore, this will be very fun and challenging where users are skin in the game to play against each other.

Entrance Fee

In order to participate in the game, players need to buy ticket. There are 3 types of room you can choose. The higher the ticket price, the more reward and risk you get. Below is the detail about rooms and the ticket price:

Room Ticket price


500 TOC


1500 TOC


3000 TOC

Rules & Rewards

Once players bought the ticket, they would be placed randomly into the corresponding room which has the minimum of 10 players and can up to 30 players.

The game will run for 5 minutes. After the tournament is ended, according to the ranking in the leaderboard, the rewards will be distributed to the top 3 players. Below is detail allocation of the pool:

Position in the ranking boardReward proportion









The remaining 10% of the pool will be sent to the Snake City treasury contract which later will be distributed to the Snake owners, burned and for ecosystem development. Please check more detail in the Snake City Economics.

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