Road to Qatar - World Cup

SnakeCity World Cup event opens from Nov 17 - Dev 18 with 10000$ rewards.

To celebrate this event, we delivered SnakeCity’s gameplay version that DOESN’T REQUIRE TO LOG IN, everyone can play for free and express your skills to be on top of the leaderboard.

  • Duration: Nov 17 — Dec 18

  • Participants: EVERYONE (no need to connect wallet, you only need to connect wallet if you want to save your game progress)

  • Play unlimited for free & collect national flags to claim rewards

  • Every day a Soccer Snake on Soccer Map

  • Rewards will increase along with the heat of #WorldCup2022

  • Reverse situation with Wheel of Fortune

  • No need to login from the start

Event explaination:

  • Join this link: (will be updated on Nov 17)

  • The game is like freezone but with more customized features

  • There will be national in-game flags that you need to claim and submit to win prizes of each round

  • The challenge of Way to Qatar is way more harder with more lucks and challenge your skills

  • Collect flags of all countries (that participate in WorldCup)

  • First come first serve

  • You can exchange your flag to other flag if someone wants to exchange the other flag to yours

Reward allocation:

Time to submit national flags along with the game:

The time you can submit your flags and be the first one to win the big prize (first come first serve)

Group Stage

Round of 16

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals

Third place play-off

Final & Champion

03 ways to earn flags:

  • Earn national flags in the battle

  • Earn national flags by the lucky wheel (to receive flag box)

  • Earn national flags by being on top 5 rankings of the daily leaderboard (to receive flag box) — You can receive the box in the next day

How to receive lucky spins (lucky wheel):

  • Connect wallet = 01 spin (each day)

  • Play 20 turns = 01 spin (each day)

  • Play 50 turns = 02 spins (each day)

  • Play 100 turns = 03 spins (each day)


How to play:

  • Step 1 — Go to Home Page & Click “Play”

  • Step 2 — Choose “Quick Play” or “Connect Wallet”

  • Step 3 — Choose your Soccer Snake & click Play

  • Step 4— Play to earn flags

How to claim prizes:

  • Step 1 — Choose “Road to Qatar”

  • Step 2 — Choose “Claim Prize”

  • Step 3 — Click “Claim Prize” button where you collect enough flags

How to exchange flags:

  • Step 1 — Choose “Road to Qatar”

  • Step 2 — Choose “Flag Exchange”

  • Step 3 — Click “New request” to make your request

  • Step 4 — Choose your flag

  • Step 5 — Choose the flag you want

  • Step 6 — Click “Exchange”

Note: You can only exchange your flag to other flag if someone wants to exchange the other flag to yours

  • Step 1 — Choose “Leaderboard”

  • Step 2 — Choose “Your Claim History”

  • Step 3 — CLick “Claim” button & receive the box

  • Step 4 — Choose “Reward Box”

  • Step 5 — Click “Unbox” & receive your flag

Don’t forget we have surprises for you!!

Goodluck you all!!!

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